Executive Directors

Andrea Allen

Dallas, TX

Former Mortgage Banker/Real Estate Investor

2010 Ignite Power of Leadership Award
Ignite represents the opportunity to stop “working in vain.”   Time is the only resource that once used can never be replaced.  When you reach a certain point in your life, you realize you have more yesterdays than tomorrows, so make the next half work for you. Create an income that continues to come in whether you roll over or roll out.  Work Hard, Play Hard and take your life back!

John & Sandra Walsh

Grand Prairie, TX


John Walsh played professional football and then worked for a long time as a supervisor in the auto manufacturing industry. For her part, Sandra served as a human resources director for many years in corporate America. Yet when the economy gets rough, even those in the employment field find it tough to stay employed, and Sandra at some point had trouble finding work. In response to this situation, the Walshes tried the route of traditional business ownership by operating a coffee vending business. Then the Walshes found Stream. "Having been an entrepreneur, I knew that Stream would only work if we treated like a business," John says. Coming in with a take-charge mindset, John and Sandra found they had a knack for leadership development. Over time, the Walshes became well-respected leaders in the field as they ascended through the ranks of Stream's compensation plan. Thanks to their newfound success, Sandra now happily describes herself as "unemployable". "For the past several years, I have proudly listed a new position on my resume," Sandra says. "It's called a stay-at-home mom!"


Kush & Media Rashid

Houston, TX

What an amazing journey this has been! For more than 15 years our background has been Real Estate.

We’ve serviced every aspect of real estate; from make-ready, rentals, sales, wholesales, management and investment portfolios.  At the time, real estate was very lucrative. Business was on every hand.

This lucrative market also came with a hefty price; OUR TIME.  Late nights, early mornings and never ending phone calls.
Not to mention that after every transaction, we were unemployed until we produced another buyer or seller.

When we were introduced to Ignite, we immediately saw the value in the business. The business model is very simple.  
Not to mention, Energy is a commodity that everyone uses.  The residual was the pivotal point for us.  Most importantly, we are in control of our time.  

Hundreds of Associates and four years later, we are humbled by the success and people we have met.
Ignite is truly changing lives and allowing us to realize our dreams.

“Excellence w/out Excuses”
The Rashid’s

Robert & Carrie Paster

Detroit, MI

“We had no idea with what we were getting involved.  Looking back, it was one of the best decisions of our lives”.
The Paster journey to Ignite started with a job assignment.  Robert, an engineer with General Motors, took a promotional position to work on the Cadillac Escalade program.  Carrie, a high school mathematics instructor, was blessed to find a position right away, however, it paid $35,000 less than her job back home.

“Our bills didn’t decrease, just my income”, recalls Carrie.  In search for options, many nights were spent on bended knees praying for a solution.  Then along came Ignite.

This business has been a HUGE blessing for us!  We have been able to HELP others reach their success goals.  Our purpose is to Reach, Inspire, Create and Help people with this financial blessing, whether in SAVING money or MAKING money.

This Ignite journey has been a wonderful ride and we have met so many fascinating people to create a team of family members who are concerned for the SUCCESS of each other!  
Don’t let F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) stand in the way of what you can accomplish with this business. We had never networked anything and we are able to reach the highest earning code position by being coachable, trainable, and teachable. Always remember that, “ACTION IS THE FOUNDATIONAL KEY TO ALL SUCCESS”.

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