Managing Directors

Andrea E. Brown

Baltimore, MD


I Ignite to empower my future and for Kingdom Building.  It’s an opportunity to give to others and share the goodness of God’s grace.

Andrew T. Phillips

Mesquite, TX

Information Technology

WHY IGNITE? FREEDOM!!  My corporate job provides bonuses, a 401(k) and a pension.  BUT, I don't have my FREEDOM.  The Ignite opportunity will give me the freedom to do what I want to when I want to.

Barbara J. Jackson

Little Rock, AR

Retired Business Education Instructor

I Ignite because I am striving to make "My Best Better" for my children, grandchildren and future generations.

Bernard & Selma Pereira

Arlington, TX

Real Estate Investor/Educator

Ignite provided me hope in a down economy. When I saw the earning potential in Ignite and how inexpensive it was, it made sense.  It made sense to get paid on other’s electric bills.  Where’s your Energy?

Bill Morrow

Dallas, TX

General Contractor

Ignite is the perfect opportunity to make a difference and impact peoples' lives in a positive way. I'm proud to be part of a business that grows your mind and your money. I Ignite today to make a brighter tomorrow.

Billy & Tanisha Willams

Vineland, NJ

Sports Director 

New Jersey Correction Officer

The Ignite Opportunity has given my wife and I a chance to affect our community and leave a legacy for many generations, all from a life essential commodity!

Brenda Bryant

Round Rock, TX


With Ignite I can impact and change my life, my family’s life and the lives of others. I can be successful at earning income on a life essential service, 'ENERGY'.  That's why I Ignite!

Byron Hooper

Desoto, TX

Insurance/Mortgage Banking

Becoming part of Ignite is the best decision I have ever made. I continue to reap the rewards for past efforts and my dream of financial freedom is clearly in sight.

Carolyn O'Bryant

Pine Bluff, AR

Registered Nurse:

I joined ignite because of the vision I saw for retirement and job security.  The opportunity this company has given me will benefit my grandchildren for years to come.  Thank-You Power Group

Carolyn Shumate

Grand Prairie, TX

Administrative Assistant

Why I Ignite...  I wanted it to happen, while others wished & dream about it, lazy minds fabricated it or merely talked about it but True Leaders make it happen. Your life is you garden, your thoughts are seeds and if your life isn't AWESOME you have been watering weeds plant, love and reap the benefits of Ignite.

Catherine Spann

Charleston, South Carolina

Rail Operations Coordinator

WHY IGNITE?  Start Small, Dream Big,  Achieve Much and know that with GOD all things are possible. I AM IGNITED!!!!!!

Charlette Whittle

Newtonville, New Jersey

Plumber (Local 322)

The Ignite opportunity has brought our future into the now. It not only will grow your money, it will also revolutionize your mind.

Cheraye "Diamond" Redd

Euless, TX

Customer Service Representative

As a child hard work, perseverance and independence was instilled in me. Joining Ignite has given me the opportunity as a single mother to provide my children with opportunities they may have not experienced by me working a "9-5".

Cordelia D. Richard

Baltimore, MD

Child Development

I Ignite for financial freedom and to build a legacy for my children. Building my Ignite business allows me to continue my efforts toward Kingdom Building.

Daisy J. Lemons

Tyler, TX

Retired - Ford Motor Credit Co

Volunteer - Community Service

The greatest transfer of wealth in American history is taking place as we speak.  Ignite is literally at my finger tips and can make my goals and dreams come true.

David Hayden

Marietta, GA

Computer Systems Consultant

My wife and I Ignite because we want to build a strong financial future for our family and to leave a legacy for our grandchildren.  This multibillion dollar corporation is the tool we’ve chosen to take us to new heights. The opportunity is unlimited!

Delbert & Regina Oliver

Tyler, TX



Ignite represents an opportunity to build a solid foundation for our family. This business pays regularly and affords us the opportunity to prepare for our children's education and ultimately our retirement. Our future is bright with Ignite!

Delin Allen

Pine Bluff, AR

Retired Industrial Equipment Mechanic

Ignite allows Unlimited Financial Opportunity where you are your own boss. I like being able to work from the comfort of my own home and getting paid to do it.

Desiree' Floyd

Dallas, TX


Ignite affords me the opportunity to live life to the fullest. The potential for an unlimited stream of income is why I chose to Ignite.

Devora Beason

Dallas, TX

Speech Educator

I Ignite because I want to continue legacies that my family passed to me. More importantly, I want to create new legacies to pass on to my family for many generations to come.

Diane Raysanders

Magnum, Oklahoma


I Ignite for my family and to give back to my community. This opportunity can free my time and provide financial freedom. I want to live a “this and that” lifestyle. That’s why I Ignite.   

Dominic Henry

Newman, GA

Fed-ex Courier

I Ignite for financial and time freedom. If you are not living your dream, you are working at someone else's.  CARPE DIEM!

Donald & Marlene Edwards

Decatur, GA


We joined Ignite in August 2011 and are enjoying the ride. Our lives have changed dramatically. After 24 wonderful years of marriage, spending quality time with each other has been the best part of this business. That’s why we Ignite.

Dorsha E. M. Blackburn

Dallas, TX

Special Education

Ignite is a small seed with the potential to grow a forest. It allows you to help others as you create a legacy of wealth for generations to come.

Edward R. Taylor Jr.

DeSoto, TX

Photo Re-toucher/Prepress

Ignite gives you a second chance at your life long dreams.  Ignite is the global leader of energy network marketers. I want to be a part of that great success.

Gerald Maxwell

Dallas, TX

Housing Quality Standards Inspector

Ignite is a business that gives me the satisfaction of helping people. It also provides me with the avenue of achieving my goal of financial freedom.

James & Walter Winston

Houston, TX

2010 Power Group Gladiator Award
2011 Power Group Outstanding Female Leader

We Ignite to have true freedom for our family and future generations. We are confident that Ignite is the vehicle that will provide us with that opportunity.

Jennifer Vinson

Kapolei, Hawaii




For me Ignite represents a financial freedom that other network marketing businesses do not.

Jerald Johnson

DeSoto, TX

Texas Industries

Ignite shines a far greater light on my future going forward.  This is an investment for a lifetime.

Jimmie White

Arlington, TX

Former Representative for the Dept of Motor Vehicle/Passenger Service, American Airlines

Ignite is the key, for which I will leave a legacy, for my grands and great grands.

John Key

Arlington, TX


The IGNITE OPPORTUNITY has allowed me to minister to the needs of GODS people with a spirit of EXCELLENCE.

Bishop Joseph & Pastor Jeweline Stallings

Ft. Worth, TX


Ignite brings about an aspect of paying it forward.  Helping one person at a time and duplicating that effort is very gratifying personally and professionally. We will continue to pursue this business and share God’s grace because "Persistence Breaks Resistance."

Juanita Mosely

Mesquite, TX


Ignite is a way for me to leave a secure inheritance to my children.

Katherine Stevenson

Abilene, TX

Civil Service Education Technician

Continuously working hard to achieve team and personal goals, resulting in team and personal rewards.

LaKeisha Walker

Arlington, TX

Account Representative

With Ignite, I have the satisfaction of helping others with a life essential service that everyone needs. We can save you money and at the same time give you top quality service.

Ignite offers the best of both worlds, helping to make life better for others while achieving financial success and freedom for me and my family.

Leslie Gilliard

Charleston, South Carolina

Network Administrator (Information Technology)

I Ignite to provide support, encouragement and inspire financial growth as a business owner.

Linda S. Miles

N. Charleston, South Carolina

Team Administrator


Between the miracles, I enjoy helping people lower their energy bills across the Nation. Ignite is the blessing that I use to serve others.

Liz Wilson

Dallas, TX

Between the miracles, I enjoy helping people lower their energy bills across the Nation. Ignite is the blessing that I use to serve others.

Lowell M. Davis

Cedar Hill, TX

IT Specialist

I Ignite for my three kids.  I want their college education to be worry free.  I would like them to have the best that this world can offer. Ignite can provide that security.

Maurice Hayes

Mansfield, TX

Loan Servicing Specialist II, JPMorgan Chase Bank

Ignite gives you the opportunity to financially free yourself. It allows you to leave that legacy you've always dreamed of.

Melvin & Cathryn Finley, Jr.

DeSoto, TX

Retired American Airlines Crew Chief

Contract Mortgage Underwriter

Ignite is the perfect home based business.  Our product, “ELECTRICITY”, is a life essential service that will remain in everyone’s budget. The residual income that is generated in this business is why we Ignite.

Michelle Blackshear

Charleston, South Carolina

Product Development Buyer

I Ignite to make "ALL" of my dreams come true. My goal is to create wealth and financial freedom that will allow me to do what I want to when I want to.  It’s a phenomenal experience that I’m taking full advantage of.

Pamela McDade

Grand Prairie, TX

Health Insurance Industry

Ignite affords me the opportunity to spend more of my time doing the things I love...growing relationships and growing my money.

Patricia Ford

Dallas, TX

I Ignite for 2 reasons:

1. For time and freedom with overflowing finances.

2.  Family, and to have time and overflowing finances for ministry.

Patrick Barton

Dallas, TX

Information Technology

I IGNITE because it is a simple, fun, and effective life changing way to obtain financial freedom and the time needed to enjoy it with my family & friends (something my 8-5 could never do).   And most of all, I enjoy helping others achieve their dreams and goals.

Pinkie L. Mason

Arlington, TX

Retired Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Manager

I Ignite to supplement my Federal Retirement income and to leave a legacy to my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and other family members.  Thank God for this opportunity!

Quinton & Diane Moss

Westerville, OH



Ignite represents an opportunity to help yourself as well as others. It is a great way to build income that goes on to unlimited depth. A small investment has grown into a large vehicle that secures my family’s future for years to come.

Reginald Isaac

Dallas, TX

City Supervisor

Ignite is a recognized network marketing firm that has generated billions in revenue and received numerous honors and accolades. It is a great opportunity to be a part of a business that I can retire in with dependable residual income.

Roxanne Gonzales

Grand Prairie, TX

Speech Pathologist Assistant

Ignite gives my family hope and provides me with a secure future. I will be able to supply my wants and my needs, thanks to Ignite’s lucrative compensation plan.

Sherry Vanderbilt

Atlanta, GA

Certified Public Accountant

Real Estate Investor

Being a CPA, I aim to help my clients create wealth and decrease their taxes.  I Ignite because I want to help my friends and family create GENERATIONAL WEALTH. How else to do it, than with the 3rd most essential life need other than food and shelter.

Starr Robinson

Quitman, TX

Warehouse Worker

Ignite provides my family with stability and financial freedom. It’s a privilege and a pleasure to work with the largest direct selling energy company in the world!

Tod Shipp

Atlanta, GA

US Postal Service

Amazed that I earn a residual income when people pay their energy bills.

Vanessa Grizelle

Dallas, TX

Program Developer

Ignite offers an unlimited opportunity to grow a business and to be a blessing to many all across the country. With Ignite, we work smart, share with others and enjoy our manifested harvest!

Virginia D. King

Little Rock, AR

Senior Human Resource Consultant/ University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

I aspire to retire! Ignite is the opportunity that will propel me to accomplish this objective. It is the perfect means for providing supplemental retirement income.

Wiley & Angenette Shelton

Pine Bluff, AR

Therapeutic Foster Parent

First Lady

We thank God for allowing us to be involved in a company as phenomenal as Ignite. Ignite allows us to work at our own pace and allows plenty of family time. The extra income potential can't compare to any other investment. By investing in this rapidly growing company, I feel my family is set for life.

Wilena McMillian

Dallas, TX

Entrepreneur / Retired Quality Engineer

We have the answer to help people get to 65 with dignity. Ignite allows you to collapse time frames.  Instead of doing it in 40, let's do it in 5.

"Committed to Win!"

Zakee M. Iddeen

DeSoto, TX


I Ignite because I desire to change the course of my family’s financial future. I’m building a legacy that will be remembered for generations. This business and the success I’m currently experiencing will make a significant impact for years to come.

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