Senior Directors

Albert & Shirley Jenkins, Jr.

Little Rock, AR

Retired/Registered Nurse

In times like these, with our world’s unstable and declining financial structure so many families have their financial needs unmet. Because of Ignite, we are strategically positioned to be the answer to their many prayers. What an awesome feeling to know that while building your own success and freedom you are helping others achieve the same goals.

Allison Still

Sicklerville, New Jersey

Registered Nurse

Ignite is the gateway to financial freedom for me and my family. Network Marketing is one of the most powerful income structures ever devised.  Ignite offers ambitious people like myself the opportunity to be an independent business owner. It really is a winning formula. That’s why I Ignite.

Andre' Sims

Atlanta, GA

Hall of Fame Realtor with RE/MAX
2010 Ignite Power of Leadership Award

Ignite is the vehicle that is allowing me to experience time freedom and to earn significant passive monthly income.   Build your professional network and Ignite your future!

Arthur & Evelyn Woods

Dallas, TX

Retired Grocery Store Owner

Retired Executive Secretary for the Department of Research and Evaluation with the Dallas Independent School District (DISD).

In the Word of God, Proverbs 13:22:  A good man leaves an inheritance for his children's children, and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.  We saw an opportunity through Ignite not only for us to leave an inheritance for our family, but to help others as well.   And through Jesus Christ all things are possible.  This is why we Ignite!

Beverly J. Johnson

Waxahachie, TX

U S Postal Service

"Thanks to the Lord, the Ignite Opportunity and The Power Group, this business has allowed my family & I to purchase our 5000 sq ft Dream Home!!!"
"Where focus goes, energy flows, and results show!"

Carrie Hayes

Dallas, TX

Retired Postal Worker
2011 Power Group Champion Award
2011 Power Group Spirit Award

I love Ignite because it is a business that focuses on people more than products.  Developing leaders and assisting others to create a successful business is very rewarding. This is a business of duplication and it requires teamwork. Because of Ignite, I’ve been able to retire early and I’ll never have to work in the “system” again!

Charles & Betty Hawkins

Williamstown, New Jersey

2011 Power Group Visionary Award

Ignite- It just makes sense!
The Ignite opportunity not only changes lives, but can create a new destiny! THE FUTURE IS NOW!

Charlotte Ramsey

Pine Bluff, AR

Operating Room/Registered Nurse

What keeps me excited, is knowing that we are still on the ground floor of an opportunity of a lifetime. With job security and retirement plans no longer dependable, Ignite allows me to take control of my financial life. Everyone uses energy and pays a bill every month, so why not capitalize on that life essential service. So why Ignite?  Because, with energy, everyone uses it and I don't have to sell the idea, that's why I feel so blessed to be a part of the “Greatest Transfer of Wealth” in history.

Chris Gordon

Mesquite, TX

Restaurant Manager

Ignite offered something unique and special; a way to build a substantial income on a life essential product. The thought of creating a lifestyle where money is not an issue, and dreams can come to fruition, makes Ignite the perfect opportunity.

David E. Jones "DJ"

Cedar Hill, TX

ASE Certified Auto Technician/ Shop Foreman

I want to change family history by showing the difference between the JOB mindset and ownership mentality, building a strong future.Add Testimonial here

Deborah Dibbles

Cedar Hill, TX

Manager/Real Estate Investor

2011 Power Group Gladiator Award

Ignite’s multilevel network provides me with a tremendous product and service to market.  I have the backing of a reputable company with an awesome compensation plan.  Ignite is the largest network marketer of energy in the world and one of the fastest growing companies in American history. I get paid residually.  That’s why I Ignite.

Dorothy Johnson

Houston, TX

Retired CNA

Why Ignite? Because energy is the perfect business, it's a service built into your budget, it's a recession proof business, a work from home business that allows me to control my own time.  Ignite is the vehicle that will allow me to fulfill my dreams as well as help others to fulfill their dreams.

Dr. Michael D. Acker II

Atlanta, GA


I Ignite because I truly believe this is the opportunity of a life time. True residual income means financial freedom and time freedom.  I do it for my family. They are worth it.  So I Ignite my life every day.

Elijah & Cathy Hill

Arlington, TX

Ignite is the forum we employ to spread God’s goodness.  Our long term goal is to be able to donate a million dollars to God's kingdom and to provide financial FREEDOM for our family for generations.  Thank God for Ignite!

Eric & Cheryl Bobo

Brenham, TX

Printer/Childcare Director

We Ignite so we can leave an inheritance for our children's children.  We also would like to build Christian Youth Centers to impact as many children's lives as we can.

Fred & Monique Taylor

Fort Worth, TX

U.S. Navy Chief


After more than 20 years of military service, we want a life free of limitations! We IGNITE because when I take off my uniform and unlace my boots for the last time, we want to be financially free to spend our truly retired years having fun with our family while helping others succeed along the way.  Thank you Lord for this blessing!

Greg & Demitri Sargent

Lancaster, TX

I.T. Support Analyst

Former American Airlines Agent

Ignite was an answer to our prayer. This opportunity has resurrected our dreams and allowed us to offer hope to others.

Jerod Williams

Plano, TX

Computer Engineer

Ignite provides me with a means to help my family and friends while making money at the same time.  My goal is to successfully work this business and retire before I am 32.

Jonathan & Lisa Jones

Frisco, TX

Telecom Manager

Account Manager

Ignite offers us the opportunity to regain one of the most valuable commodities known to mankind… "TIME".  With Ignite, we have the opportunity to capture precious moments while enjoying residual income from a life essential product that is unconsciously used & habitually paid for!

Kiani S. Cochrane

Fort Worth, TX

Business Owner

I chose Ignite because energy is so essential to our lives whether personal or professional.  People will never stop paying energy bills.  That’s what caught my interest, we know it is the most stable industry, so why not get on the other side of receiving a payment for the service.

LaBron Mason

Arlington, TX

Owner – “Luv' Em & Leave' Em Professional Learning Center”

As entrepreneurs, we recognize the need to do business that makes sense.  Helping people save while helping others profit is the perfect business.  Ignite is a pioneer in this industry and we are proud to be a part of history.

LaTrece M. Robertson

Vineland, New Jersey

Professional Customer Service Representative

Ignite has given me the freedom to pursue one of my life long dreams, which is to help my family.  One of the unique things about Ignite is, it allows me to choose my business partners and I chose to partner with my family.  Now we are all in position to leave a legacy of wealth and freedom to our children's children, which most business opportunities cannot afford.

Mark & Donnie Hagins

Atlanta, GA

US Naval Officer

Author and Special Educator


2011 Power Group Emerging Male Leader

We were immediately attracted to Ignite because it offers a solid opportunity to BLESS others while creating generational wealth.  Ignite provides us with the perfect vehicle….Energy + Network Marketing. For minimal start-up capital and equally low monthly over-head, we can operate in the same arena as the "Warren Buffets".

Paul & Donna Gantt

DeSoto, TX

Retired US Postal Service


2009 Ignite Rising Star Award
2010 Power Group Trailblazer Award
We Ignite because we saw an opportunity to invest in our grandchildren’s future and college.  The opportunity was so compelling and easy to do, we said “we have to do this.”  As a result, Ignite has allowed us to have a fresh vision about accomplishing new things; we moved into a new home, helped other people and we have the opportunity of growing with a young and exciting company.  We are definitely in this business for the long haul.

Paul Baccus

Duncanville, TX

2010 Ignite Power of Leadership Award
2010 & 2011 Power Group Outstanding Male

The reason I Ignite is because according to the World's Most Wealthy Men ,"energy is the greatest transfer of wealth in human history" and through Ignite I can personally claim my share!

Ruth E. Lewis

Duncanville, TX

Retired Professional Travel Consultant for American Airlines, Inc.

I enjoy helping others and providing a service that not only helps people save money, and understand how they can benefit from what they are using and buying.  Ignite provides that opportunity which allows me potential wealth beyond my wildest imagination.

Santhia Harris

Houston, TX

Former Owner and Founder of Personal Care Homes

For the first 4 years, my work was part-time.  But since the revenue increased I have made it my full-time career.  One day as I was driving, I saw a sign which said, “turning energy into income” and it has been a life changing experience ever since. My journey has not always been easy, but my family is now on board and we are changing our lives!

Sherry Jones

Red Oak, TX

Realtor-Keller Williams Realty

Ignite gives me the opportunity to offer my clients an extra hassle-free bonus.

Shirley Hawkins

Dallas, TX

Financial Analysis

Why Ignite?  Ignite has put to rest my fear of network marketing.  It has opened my eyes to a once in a lifetime opportunity that is helping me achieve my dreams and reach my financial goals.

Tarelle Wade

Dallas, TX



Terrance & Jocelyn Riggins

Allen, TX

Information Technology Management Contracts Director HR Outsourcing
2009 Ignite Power of Leadership Award

Ignite has afforded us the opportunity to positively impact the lives of our four children as well as our friends and family. We are truly grateful for the privilege to help others to realize their true potential, dream again and seize financial freedom.

Valerie Mason

Arlington, TX

Owner – “Luv' Em & Leave' Em Professional Learning Center”

As entrepreneurs, we recognize the need to do business that makes sense.  Helping people save while helping others profit is the perfect business.  Ignite is a pioneer in this industry and we are proud to be a part of history.

Wende Hardeman

Dallas, TX

Registered Nurse

2009 Ignite Power of Leadership Award
2009 Power Group Visionary Award
2010 Power Group Outstanding Female Award

In just a few short years, Ignite has positioned me to retire from a 22 year nursing career. And since my dad is the physician I work for, this is especially important to me because I started Ignite as a way to be independent of working a job once he retires.  Now my dad and I can retire together.

Wilma Davis Lawler

Duncanville, TX

2010 Power Group Spirit Award
Retired Supervisory Personnel Management Specialist

Ignite is my family’s opportunity to break the generational "curse" of being broke and barely getting by. Because of Ignite, my family will not be burdened with the traditional 40 hour work week for 40 years. As an independent business owner, I dictate my schedule and my finances. I love this business!

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